Placing The Indian Competence In The World Map

India’s wealth of human resources puts it in an enviable position. Specially because the quality of the resources available is very high. That there is a perennial demand for qualified Indians, irrespective of socio-political factors, is of no surprise.

The Government of Tamilnadu realized the multiple advantages in meeting this demand. More Indians working abroad would mean greater inflow of foreign exchange, improvement in the quality of life of the families of such Indians and a step towards solving ever-growing unemployment problem. Also there is a large number of Indians aspiring to work abroad.

The Overseas Manpower Corporation Limited (OMC) was thus incorporated in 1978. The chief objective being promoting employment of Indian manpower in foreign countries. Since incorporation, OMC has widened its scope to :

  • 1. Function as recruiting agent of Indian manpower for Employment abroad.
  • 2. Promote and establish joint industrial ventures aborad-on its own or on behalf of the Government.
  • 3. Raise necessary financial resources from Indians abroad for projects in India.
  • 4. Promote and takes steps to intensify exports of traditional and non-traditional items.
  • 5. Sell tickets, on behalf of any or all foreign organizations providing air travels and transport service.
  • 6. Provide Accident and Health Insurance coverage to Non-Resident Tamils.
  • 7. Provide foreign exchange for persons recruited abroad for employment and for persons for traveling abroad.

OMC Objectives

  • 1. Identifying & Supplying Qualified, Experienced, & Dedicated Human Resource.
  • 2. To supply manpower to domestic employers.
  • 3. Add to overseas employers in the first point.
  • 4. Obtaining attestation of certificate from the appropriate authorities.
  • 5. Facilitating Training.
  • 6. Arranging Ticketing Facilities.

Brief Backround

OMC is a limited company established by Government of Tamil Nadu as early as 1978 with an authorized share capital of Rs. 50 lakhs. Its main object is to secure suitable overseas placements for the Indian professionals, skilled workers and others, who are desirous of securing jobs abroad. The Corporation also holds a valid registration certificate issued by Government of India, Ministry of Labour, as required under the Emigration Act, 1983, to perform the functions of a recruiting agency . The Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors comprising the following officials:

1. Chairman Dr. D. Jagannathan IAS.,
Secretary To Government.
Public and Rehabilitation Department.
2. Chairman & Managing Director Dr. C. N. Mahesvaran. IAS.,
Chairman & Managing Director,OMCL.
3. Director Tmt. V. Kalaiarasi.IAS.,
Special Secretary to Government, Public Department.
4. Director Tmt. Jacintha Lazarus.IAS.,
Commissioner of Rehabilitation and Welfare of Non- Resident Tamils.
5. Director (Finance) Tmt. V. Revathy,
Joint Secretary to Government, Finance Department.
6. Director Thiru K. Veera Raghava Rao.IAS,
Commisssioner of Employment and Training, Commissionerate of Employment and Training.
7. Director Tmt. J. Innocent Divya, IAS.,
Managing Director, Tamilnadu Skill Development Corporation.

Our Resources & Strength

  1. 1. A Jobwise Segregated Computerised Data Bank.
  2. 2. Network with all District Employment offices in the state.
  3. 3. Access to 3 lakh Registered Candidates in Employment Offices.
  4. 4. We are excelled in overseas recruitment since 1978.
  5. 5. Deployed all categories of candidates in various countries.

Why OMC?

  1. Reputation of being a Government organization which is in the field for the past 25 Years.
  2. The corporation maintains computerized Data Bank in which bio-data of personnel in various disciplines right from Doctors and Engineers down to skilled and unskilled labourers are maintained.
  3. Based on the client's requirement, OMC screens several candidates and gives the best suited shortlisted candidates.
  4. In case of dearth of suitable candidates in its Data Bank, candidates are mobilized through advertisement.
  5. In case of bulk requirement, the entire cost of advertisement is borne by OMC. In other cases, the cost will be shared at 50:50 between OMC and the client.
  6. Being a Government organization, the advertisement released through OMC will be on Government concessional rates, thereby bringing down the cost of advertisement by 15-20%.
  7. Besides advertisement or without resorting to advertisement, OMC issues press releases regarding recruitment, to be published as editorial matter free of cost in Newspapers published from Tamilnadu and adjoining states so as to mobilize candidates.
  8. After the CV's are shortlisted, interview is arranged at Chennai in its own spacious premises. In case of bulk recruitment, interview can be arranged at any centre in India.
  9. OMC undertakes the responsibility of receiving the Delegates at airport and arranging hotel accommodation for them. Since OMC is a corporate member in all the Star hotels at Chennai, the clients enjoy considerable discount in hotel bills for the reservations made through OMC.
  10. OMC holds the finally selected candidates until Visa is arranged and arranges their deployment on the date specified by the clients observing all the required formalities.
  11. Its excellent rapport with various Foreign Missions and Emigration authorities quickens the Visa and Emigration process.
  12. Above all, OMC can arrange to provide well experienced candidates from Government Departments / Public Sector undertakings for employment abroad by arranging leave for them upto 5 years.